DiData V6.1 Release Highlights

DiData V6.1 Release Highlights



We are excited to announce the latest version of our software DiData V6.1!!

DiData V6.1 is a top-notch software solution for data input and laboratory management needs. The latest version comes with a wide range of improvements and features, including the Split screen mode and improving the highlight by supporting multiple highlights. Additionally, support login using keycloak and many other improvementsWe're confident this release will transform your workflow.

Major features


  1. Support stats in the dashboard
  2. Support dashboards order
  3. Allow to scan and select in the same action widget.
  4. Assign dashboards to other projects.
  5. Link multiple widgets on action and plugin widgets


  1. Support drag-drop vertically.
  2. Support search in storage picker.
  3. Support filters in list view mode.


  1. Add system logs
  2. Notification improvement


Support warning validation


Excel import: Support disable preview to save data directly on the database

Entity Type:

Change the order of entity types


Allow to set the group by  (for date/time fields).

Other Improvements:

Printers: Printing actions and plugins support option 'copies' to select the number of labels to print, default 1.


Plugin: Store Plugins by project and show selected records in the plugin widget header

Authentication: Set default password security level to medium and secure roles checking (using token)

User routes: Improve error messages on the user route

Actions: Be able to submit many forms of data with one button

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