Track & Manage your lab's inventory with DiData's Freezer Management Software

Di-Freeze is a

Laboratory stock management software

that fully reproduces your storage locations, it keeps each inventory record up to date, previews the usage history & tracks the amount of storage space available for your clinical trials.

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Optimize your time and storage space using our Freezer management software

Fully reproduce your storage locations in our sample management solution software by either creating your own custom storage types or using our default types: Freezers and boxes, Drawers, Shelves, and Plates. Di-Freeze allows fast sample recovery with full details by assigning each sample to a specific storage position.

Managing and tracking samples has never been this easy

Di-Freeze has an easy to use interface, this software solution has a number of features that enable you to better manage your sample inventory via file import and export, assigning barcodes, printing labels, and sample tracking. Our Freezer inventory app can also be internet connected and provides a comprehensive audit trail for full compliance.

Protect your sensitive data with access rights

Our sample management system enables you to fully control the access rights with multiple roles and permissions over each project, and assign “sensitive data” tag to specific fields for more protection, without requiring any DiData team intervention.

Connect all your instruments to Di-Freeze and increase your productivity while reducing human errors

Our Freezer inventory software can integrate with any instrument in your lab, like barcode scanners, printers, or freezers. Data transfer will be automated between your instruments and our Freeze Management System, reducing manual data entry and human errors for you to focus on more critical tasks.

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Use our Freezer management software and get your laboratory ready for certification

DiData applications are fully compliant and use the latest security features and protocols to avoid any threats. Additionally, they meet all data privacy and data protection policies and regulations.

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