DiData features

Discover the key features of DiData, that meets your requirements and specific needs.

Blazing fast

Blazing fast rendering with proven usability on large data sets.


Define and execute step by step processes.



Create and customize new features and modules using plugins.

Sample management

DiData gives you complete authority over your samples from collection to shipment.



Create Printers and Printer templates.


Excel template

Create and export an excel template. For no results case in DataView.

Data view features

Use filters, Edit columns and Highlighter to make the best view of your data.

Storage management

Save and controle the storage and find your free space.


DiData icons

Add icons to highlight data with color support for ICON field type.


Email notification

Email field type for sending reports and receiving notifications via email.

Access rights management

Control permissions and roles for each project independently.


Keyboard shortcuts

Move to the next cell by pressing the Tab/Enter key. Select multiple rows by pressing the CTRL key.


Form link

Share surveys with the Form public link.


Signature field

Add signature field in Form.


QR code generator

Generate QR code for entities and public links to share forms.


Custom Routes

Create and customize Routes with a post or get type.


Report generator

Generate PDF reports with report operation support.


Workflows filters

Filter nodes in Workflows using filter options.


Realistic Freezers

Configure Freezer types with realistic views.


Print label

Print your sample information using print operation.


Storage search

Scan any storage with Storage searcher even if it isn’t in the current view.


Advanced highlighter

Highlight cells that contain searched values.


Link detector

Detect internal links with the link detector.

Forms builder

Create your forms with your fields, validations and add any type of data.

2D storage view

View your storage with simulated 2D view.

Excel import

Import your existing excel files to DiData with one click

Multiple projects

Create new projects with dedicated user access rights and configuration.


A fully customized module that enables you to shape it according to you needs.


In addition to action notifications, notify users of different aspects in the current project through different channels (email, slack, In App)

Data export

DiData allows to export your selected data to different file types such as: CSV, Excel or SPSS.

Custom view

A customized user interface with specific columns and filters applied for the user.

Full audit trail

Tracking of all changes applied to your data: What, When and Who.

Fast deployment

Easily integrate with your current systems/instruments thanks to available libraries and REST-API

Data sharing

Share with your colleagues a link to your specific data


See your data and your fields staistics with simple charts.


DiData can be accessed using any browser with no dependencies.

Easy to use

DiData is carefully designed to meet the best user experience with its intuitive intefrace.

Sensitive data

Mark your sensitive columns to apply extra permissions for controled access.

Rest API

All DiData functionalities can be automated using its full REST-API.

Async import

Import your data while having the access to other modules and actions to perform.

Multiple languages

Add your languages with dedicated translations and apply them to any user profile.

Data validation

Ensure quality and error-free enviroment by defining your field types, rules and custom workflows.

Data restitution

Using excel export/import capabilities, REST-API or direct database access, DiData is the best solution for data shoring.

2FA Authentication

Two steps authentification will offer you an extra layer of protection for sensitive enviroments,


Define your roles with the permissions linked to each role.


Create custom actions that include one or multiple operations.


Create advanced rules using full PHP capabilities.

Fields types

Support for all type of data used in research such as: text, numbers, files or dates...

Global search

DiData global searches are available in any module for easy data accessibility.

Secure Drive

Upload to your folder any type of files, stock and share them in a secured enviroment.