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Utilize our ready to use and flexible web-based platform to integrate Patient registries and Biological samples data. DiData takes care of data privacy regulations, compliance requirements, and removes all headaches allowing you to entirely focus on your work.

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DiData provides compliant features to be applied for a wide variety of industries while keeping usability very intuitive. Advanced features packages can be easily activated/deactivated: Clinical trial, Biobank, Freezer management, and much more

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DiData solution uses the latest technologies to allows easy integration of new features while maintaining most recent security and vulnerability patches. The platform is flexible and can be merged with your environment using REST-API or dedicated libraries in your preferred coding language.

cutting edge technologies

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At DiData, we cherish the Swiss business culture. We deliver on time integrations while ensuring the highest quality to meet our clients expectations. Our vision and goals, paired to our hard work and eagerness to provide solutions to the challenges of the industry, have made us trusted by both academia and private companies

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