Collect, Manage and Share your data in a safe Electronic Data Capture System

Di-EDC is an

Electronic Data Capture EDC system for clinical research

Made by Researchers for Researchers. Using our intuitive interface to manage your Research Data and Projects in a compliant environment, becomes at the hand of all researcher

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Excel-like sheets for data management

Excel is by far the most accessible and used data management system in the world. But it's not enough, your research study and clinical trial data deserve a better streamlined data collection. Our electronic data capture EDC Software collects data and is as intuitive to use on top of that, it provides a safe environment for capturing data and its validation, access control, and secure compliance

Intuitive forms-editor and data filling using our electronic data capture system

You no longer need an IT background to create and customize modern forms. Make the transition with our Web based EDC Solution from paper form to an electronic one with Di-EDC forms-builder, creating electronic forms, adding validations rules on the data entry, or showing a field when a pre-defined condition is met, becomes at the hand of any researcher

Protect your sensitive data with the access rights module

Fully control the access rights with multiple roles and permission over each project, and assign “sensitive data” tag to specific fields for more protection, without requiring any DiData team intervention.

Get your research institute ready for certification

DiData applications are fully compliant and use the latest security protocols to avoid any threats and meet all data privacy and data protection policies and regulations.


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