We are excited to announce that our new, updated version of DiData V5.0.0 is finally live! In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our software. We believe DiData V5.0.0 is the best software solution for your data input and laboratory management.

This new version brings many improvements and system enhancements. We added new features such as Persist Columns in DataView, support of File and Email types in Fields, QR code for Forms, and more features to the Actions, Workflows, and Storage modules with Security enhancements. We have summarized for you the main features in this release below.

Main Features


  • - Create a printer
  • - Create a printer template
  • - Print a template


  • - Customize plugins to extend functionalities and features.
  • - Create module plugins.
  • - Create pop-up plugins.
  • - Save a ton of time with the Plugin Module.


  • - Allow restricting action to Entity types.
  • - Create entities operation: persist default entities number to create in operation.
  • - Support sending email using an email field.
  • - Support call route operations of the post type.
  • - Support generate PDF report operation.
  • - Support print label operation.


  • - Set Storage Entity types configuration.
  • - Support which Icon field we should use.
  • - Support a second field to be shown in the 2D view.
  • - Support the creation of child entity type by storing parent entity type
  • - Support 2 views: Data View & Big View.
  • - Configure freezers type by entity type.
  • - UI improvement.

V 5.0.0

Other improvements


  • - Support Excel import.
  • - Action executor executed after clicking on the action.


  • - Support relation between custom views in the dashboard.

UX Improvements

  • - Add a title on the right section of all modules.

Data view

  • - Persist columns width and the ability to save it with Custom view or Entity type view.
  • - Highlight cells value that contains searched value.


  • - Add the frequency “Each hour”.


  • - Add Validate-Storage-Entitytypechildren rule.
  • - Preserve the order of entities when exporting.
  • - Apply audit for all modules except Notification.
  • - Split phrases into words in a search.
  • - Support translation when searching for fixed choice using value.
  • - Support dynamic vars TODAY_DATE, TODAY_DATE_TIME.