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Research projects have significantly increased during the last decade, and so have their IT requirements. In parallel, digital technologies have shown tremendous improvements. However, researchers are still provided with software solutions based on old technologies which do not address new challenges nor offer a user-oriented experience. DiData’s two co-founders encountered this frustrating situation during their extensive experience in both industry and academia. After obtaining their master's degree in bioengineering from the EPFL, the co-founders' Riad Gacem and Anass Chikhi took different directions: digital healthcare technologies and academic research. Nevertheless, during their long philosophic discussions to make a better world, one problem always kept intriguing; why is there such a knowledge gap between IT advances and researchers' solutions? Thus, they decided to create a research-driven solution and use cutting-edge technologies to address today's needs and tomorrow's challenges adequately.


Our vision

DiData's objective is to provide high-tech healthcare data management solutions regardless of the user’s IT background. We believe that a tailored tool in the right hands is key for research breakthroughs and would open the door to new opportunities. From the early stages of DiData, we collaborated with medical doctors and scientists to ensure that our environment provides a great user experience and cutting-edge IT solutions to tackle their challenges.


Why DiData?

At DiData, we cherish the Swiss business culture and quality. Our goal is to deliver on time while ensuring the highest quality. Our team comprises experts in digital healthcare solutions, scientists, and highly qualified developers. We all work together in Agile mode with the clients and listen to their needs to develop services that meet their highest expectations. Our vision, values, and goals, paired with our hard work and eagerness to provide solutions to the industry's challenges, have made us trusted by both academia and private companies.

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